About me,

Carlijn Meijer.

Born: Eindhoven (NB) 1983, lives & works in Nijmegen – The Netherlands

The step to become an independent (portrait) painter was inevitable for me. I've always had the urge to create things. Capture images to keep. When I observe fascinating things, I regularly paint a picture in my head. I then imagine how the beauty of my perception could be captured on the canvas. And it always strikes me that the imperfect, that which is slightly different, contains the greatest beauty. Such a picture remains fascinating, it does not get boring and often reflects reality. I love to surprise and move with art. Everything and everyone is included. That is why I call my art Inclusive Creations.

I prefer to work with oil paint, but sometimes I experiment with other techniques. Mixed media (the use of different techniques and materials together) or pointillism are interesting excursions. The portraits are made with oil paint. Oil paint requires patience, but this patience is actually always rewarded with the characteristic classic look of class.